Custom Designs

We custom design your product to fit your budget and order size. This is our process:

  1. We provide mock ups for your approval. There’s a non refundable fee of $100 for a mock up. A fee will be applied to a total order price.
  2. Once the mock up approval is made , you may order a SAMPLE prototypes for approval.
  3. Once the mock up approval process is completed, payment of the order for the product is made.
  4. . Once the payment is made, the garment goes into PRODUCTION
  5. We develop the products from scratch, which include:
  • translating the design into production ready specs
  • pattern making and grading for the full size range needed
  • test the garment for fit and quality
  1. The product then gets SHIPPED directly to your team or organization

We put our creative talents and product expertise to work for you, your brand and your organization.